We are NoA Connect

NoA Connect is a diverse team of people with backgrounds in marketing, business consulting and technology. We understand the challenges in connecting brands and customers, know how to design superior strategies and execute on them.

We are a team of digital specialists, seasoned marketing professionals and management consultants.

Since day one, we have had the ambition to deliver marketing transformation through and we know our customers appreciate it. We recruit outstanding people and are working with what we believe are some of the boldest brands around. We have customers ranging from scale ups with an ambition to disrupt an industry to market leaders focusing on combining massive scale with a speed of change.

Looking ahead we will try to continue to hire creative and brave people, deliver professional services that truly drive growth for our customers and work on solving problems that makes us and our customers learn constantly.

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    We are always in the hunt for great talent. Please visit our carreer page for more information on open positions!