Technology and customer expectations move faster than marketing organisations

We help you keep up with marketing technology and data. The shift impacts how you plan, execute and organise marketing. The needed changes to your operating model are designed and implemented by our team of management consultants and digital experts.

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What we do

We have gathered a competent team of digital specialists, seasoned marketing professionals and management consultants. With many years of experience in digitally driven business development, we are well equipped and confident we can bring your sales and marketing to new heights, while giving your business the competitive edge it needs.

  • Process

    No matter the industry, marketing is about reaching the right person, at the right time, with the right message. We can help you better understand your audience and their journeys from stranger to customer. We focus on what drives real organisational value from a marketing perspective.

  • Technology

    By utilizing the right technology to support desired processes, integrated in an ecosystem that perform as one, you’ll remain competitive both today and tomorrow. As skilled experts we know how to design, integrate and implement a competitive and efficient ecosystem that supports your business.

  • Organisation

    Understanding the importance of execution is critical. No matter the sophisticated strategy and technology in place, the people is what it all comes down to. We are an unbiased partner that can assist in designing organizations and defining competencies to execute.


We work with some of the boldest brands around.

Proud member of the NoA family!

The North Alliance (NoA) is a family of the leading Nordic agencies and consultancies. Our ambition is to gather the best of the best people within their individual fields and give them the opportunity to collaborate.

As a customer of one business you have access to all of the competences in NoA through your key account manager. This is of critical importance to you as a customer.